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Steam & Hot Water Heat Exchangers/ Heat Exchanger Packages

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are designed to heat a liquid using steam or hot water as a heating source.
The liquid to be heated flows through the inside of the U-tubes & the heating medium flows around the outside of the U-tubes, through the shell.
The heat is transferred through the tube walls from the Steam or hot water to the liquid to be heated.
When steam is used, the steam condenses as it loses heat & it exits the heat exchanger as condensate. When hot water is used, the hot water exits the heat exchanger at a lower temperature


Triple'S Manufacturing



Availabale Materials:


Carbon Steel, Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel

Shell, Tube Sheet & Front Cover:

Carbon Steel, Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Triple'S Manufacturing
Triple'S Manufacturing


This complete package is designed to heat water or other liquids at any flow rate, using steam at up to 150 psig supply pressure


  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Steam Control Valve with a Pneumatic Actuator - allows tight shut-off against
    any steam pressure
  • Digital Electronic Temperature Controller with a 4 to 20 milliAmp output
  • Electronic/Pneumatic Transducer - converts the electronic signal to a pneumatic signal for the pneumatic steam valve actuator
  • Electrical Controls Enclosure - available in NEMA 4 Stainless Steel
    & with a Door Mounted Main Electrical Disconnect Switch
  • Circulating Pump - Mounted, Piped & Wired, including all of the required piping & electrical control components
  • Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap
  • Steam Valve Piping Assembly - completely assembled & mounted
  • Steam Trap Piping Assembly - completely assembled & mounted
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Support Frame with Leveling Pads

Triple'S Manufacturing

Triple'S Manufacturing

This Heat Exchanger Package is completely piped & wired
& only requires the following field connections:

  • Electrical power supply.
  • Steam supply piping.
  • Condensate Return piping.
  • Pneumatic air supply for the pneumatic controls.
  • Supply piping for the liquid to be heated.
  • Return piping for the liquid to be heated.
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2 Stage System

TSM Water Tube Hot Water Boiler and a Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger in a complete package designed to heat sanitary liquids such as C.I.P. Cleaning Solutions, Drinking Water.

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