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The Scotch Marine Boiler design has been a proven design & an industry favorite for many years because of its ruggedness, reliability, ease of maintenance & ability to stand abuse.


Our Scotch Marine Steam Boiler is a 2 pass fire tube design. The fire tubes are installed horizontally in the boiler. The fire flows through a large main firing tube in the first pass; it turns around at the back of the boiler & then flows through smaller 2-1/2" diameter tubes in the second pass. The 2-1/2" diameter tubes have turbulators installed in the inside (fireside) of the tubes. The turbulators are stainless steel inserts formed in a twisted pattern that force the hot gas flow to stay in contact with the inside surfaces of the tubes. This insures maximum heat transfer & even heat distribution. All of the fire tubes are completely submerged under the water which greatly increases the heat transfer surface. The boiler safety control system will not allow the burner to fire if a low water condition occurs, therefore insuring that the tubes are always submerged.


Each of the tubes can be individually replaced. They are mechanically rolled into tube sheets at each end of the tubes. This allows easier tube replacement as compared to welded tube connections & helps prevent tube leakage caused by thermal expansion. Both ends of the tubes are easily accessible through the front & rear boiler access doors. These doors allow complete & easy inspection of the fireside section of the boiler including the tubes & the tube sheets. The waterside of the boiler can be inspected through a 12" X 16" Manway located on the top of the boiler shell & through several 3" X 4" Handholes located on the boiler shell & on the tube sheets.

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2 Stage System

TSM Water Tube Hot Water Boiler and a Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger in a complete package designed to heat sanitary liquids such as C.I.P. Cleaning Solutions, Drinking Water.

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